Let’s get familiar

Just like every astronomical journey we embark on achieving the improbable and work until
we achieve it. We live and breathe engagements and ROI. We understand the importance of
well-executed result driven marketing strategies and the difference they make.


9 Years of Industry leadership in the current domain

Equipped with the best & the latest technology, analytics & metrics

Team of experts working diligently to deliver successful campaigns
& clientele relationships

Personalized Marketing Strategies as per the client’s goals & objectives

Detailed analysis & efficient optimization with clear accountability

Clear & regular communication with partners for smooth
campaign execution

Core Values

An exceptional team, an honest work ethic and a culture of growth and togetherness
are only achieved through strong core values. We take a lot of pride in ours.


We are true to our words and deliver what we commit. Being fair, ethical and transparent in everything we do, we exemplify a true sense of responsibility.


We are committed to helping our partners and our team win. We build lasting relationships, ensuring everyone in the journey is growing alongside us.


We work towards achieving our targets and delivering quality results. Our unwavering attitude towards making things happen is what helps us pursue new endeavours on the way.


We are constantly evolving with the ever changing marketing dynamics. We are curious to learn, innovate and implement our learnings to grow together and as one.


We’re one big family which collaborates on its commitments with utmost trust and mutual respect. We are divided by work and united by our pursuit of growth.


We celebrate each moment with hope and happiness. We are as serious about results as we are about our parties.

Our Team

We are a team of innovators, hustlers, and achievers. We work independently, as one.



Vipul has been the thrusting force behind the skyrocketing success of Adsparkx and a host of other ventures. A first generation entrepreneur and an electrical engineering graduate, he has brought a much needed dynamic in the marketing and advertising industry with his expertise and people-centered strategies. Engage him, and learn the tactics of affiliate marketing. Question him, and you are enlightened with disruptive marketing ideas. Passionate about technology and innovation Vipul eats, sleeps, lives and breathes the digital universe.

As the co-founder & CEO, his vast digital experience and out-of-the-box marketing strategies have given the company an unprecedented edge in the industry. Having spent millions of dollars on affiliates, he is on a never ending pursuit to find that next aha moment.

He bases the success of his entrepreneurial journey on the famous quote of Albert Einstein - “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value."
Being an excellent team player himself, Vipul believes in building relationships and this reflects in his team. This is what makes Adsparkx one of the fastest growing performance marketing agencies in India.

When not in office, you might bump into him somewhere across the world, while he finds his solace travelling. He’s big on gadgets and can talk about them all day. Whether it's DJ-ing at office parties or public speaking, his energy is contagious. He loves sharing whatever he has learnt in his journey to up and coming marketers of today’s internet age.



Nipun’s immense digital experience and data analysing expertise have shouldered Adspark’s success since its inception. As the co-founder, his innovative strategies and concepts have made him one of the best thought-leaders in the industry.

From a pragmatic decision-maker to the director and co-founder of Adsparkx, Nipun has always believed in exceeding expectations by providing people with unmatched experiences.
With his diverse experience of working with various multi-nationals such as Deloitte, he continues to engineer innumerable success stories in the ad tech industry realm. It is because of his clear tactics and guidance that Adsparkx has built numerous successful partnerships, which in turn have been the catalyst of the company’s groundbreaking success.

The values he followed and grew with, have been the driving force behind the team’s integrity and coherence at Adsparkx. He imbibes a sense of unity in his team and treats them as extended family.

Instilling faith in everybody moving forward together, he swears by Henry Ford’s quote "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
He believes togetherness is the key to achieving great things and helps the team bond with his valuable mentoring.

Being a family man, he strikes a perfect work-life balance. Besides regulating his working capabilities, he loves spending time with his little daughter who inspires him to work hard and become a catalyst for a positive change.
He is a big proponent of fitness and spends good time working out and playing sports. He loves capturing moments and places through his lens. His camera roll is full of stunning shots from the cherishable moments he shares with his little one and his journey across the world.


Sr. Vice President

Ankit is a marketing and sales veteran and has close to two decades of experience in the advertising industry. He is driven by determination and brings a wealth of experience to the company. His affable personality and strong marketing influence gives him a head-start to connect with people.

Previously, he has served as the country head of Alibaba UC and was an important member of the core founding team at Silverpush. Ankit is hugely experienced with creating tailor-made growth strategies for numerous companies and knows how to hit the ground running.

He is also an ambitious growth consultant and keeps people motivated with his superb motivational talks and public speaking expertise. Seeing people innovate, grow and push boundaries is what empowers him to move towards insightful and tangible results.

He is an avid sports buff and takes active participation in several sports events. Being an explorer himself, he loves to interact with new people to keep on enhancing his learning experience. As a certified fitness coach and nutritionist, he encourages a healthy lifestyle among his peers. When he takes time off from work, you can see him singing and dancing to the tunes of life. A traveler by heart, he loves having a gala time with his daughters.


Vice President

Anita has been a seasoned member of the Adsparkx family. She has been in the sales and digital media industry for the past 11 years and has held esteemed positions at companies like Times Internet and Vriti. She possesses immense knowledge on agency relationships, client success, and retention, network sales, and more. Her know-how of the digital ecosystem combined with the interest she takes in the company’s objectives makes her an invaluable asset for the company.

Anita has been one of the key aspects in building Adsparkx into a trusted agency across the globe. She keeps the Adsparkx flag held high in the US, functioning/operating from there.
Her meticulous approach to work, her passion, and her rapport with every individual on her team is what makes her a fantastic leader.

She believes teamwork can help accomplish anything and takes these Andrew Carnegie words by heart - "Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." She's always receptive to new ideas and opportunities which is served well by her intrinsic desire to learn and grow.

On weekends and holidays you’ll find her binge-watching Indian daily soaps (yes, the melodramatic ones!). Apart from show hopping, she loves hiking lesser known trails across the US. She is a budding greenskeeper and loves looking after her ever growing family of plants. She likes long drives and travelling to unexplored places with music on full blast.

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