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Adsparkx – Highlights of 2021

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Since its inception in 2014, Adsparkx has kept on growing as a family with numerous people and their experiences.

Today 7+ years later, the uniqueness that every Spakian brings to the team everyday is what completes Adsparkx.

2021 was a year of accomplishments and achieving great milestones for Adsparkx as a business and as a family. 

The year started with the implications of the pandemic but the company’s unprecedented success saw people joining the team regardless.

There were ups and downs during the calendar but the team kept growing and celebrated everything with more zeal than ever!

Here’s how everything unfolded:


Starting the year on a strong note


The Adsparkx family tripled in a space of 3 months at the very start of 2021. It was at a time where people were getting laid off globally. Even the pandemic wasn’t affecting the pace Adsparkx was growing at. All the new entrants bought some welcome freshness and everyone fit in like a glove. Meanwhile, seasoned members of the Adsparkx family were off to an all-expenses paid trip to Goa for a Mastermind event. 

A MasterMind is an annual event where the top performers from each team are taken on a luxury getaway to acknowledge past achievements and chalk out future goals and plans. 

This strong start set up the perfect platform for the year! 


Fresh People, Fresh Energy, Fresh Start

As everything started crawling back to normal, Adsparkx finally opened its doors after months, albeit with strict protocols and minimal staff. All the newly made bonds over zoom were now meeting face to face for the first time. This strengthened the connections even more and aligned everyone to grow together in harmony.

Reputed Names Come On Board

Among the new names, Adsparkx also onboarded some of the most reputed names in the Marketing Industry. Ankit Paul joined as the Senior Vice President, bringing his 2 decade long experience, industry know-how and unmatched passion to the table.  Anita Rai joined as Vice President, bringing in her knowledge, insights from working with the biggest names around and relentless energy to the team. These Marketing Moguls brought a new perspective, dynamic and momentum to Adsparkx!

A New Approach to Success

The biggest event of the Sparkian calendar. 

After 7 years of countless milestones and triumphs, Adsparkx underwent much needed changes. A new approach that conformed with modern times was needed and after lots of planning and work, it was finally ready to be implemented.Reincarnation, as the event was called, was true to each letter. Adsparkx was reborn, a new logo, new core values, new criterions, everything was refreshed but what remained constant was the passion.The highs and lows of the previous year were discussed and a detailed plan was laid out by each team to outperform over the coming year. Then the founders, Vipul and Nipun laid out their long term vision and strategies to the team and the passion went through the roof.Adsparkx is well on its quest to become a Unicorn – without raising any external funds.

Celebrations Bigger and Better than Ever!

With everything that happened, everyone realized how grateful each one of us were for the lives we had.

Our celebrations showed that. We went from dancing and singing in front of the camera on zoom to enjoying everything together in the office.And did we celebrate everything or not! Holi, Diwali, Christmas, we rejoiced in it all.

We were even momentarily split in teams during the IPL finals and the team cricket match but got back together the very next morning to accomplish our goals. The zeal everyone showed in each celebration was always greater than the last. Celebrations had always been a key part of being a Sparkian, but now it was integral. So much so that we included it as a part of our Core Values – Work Hard, Party Harder. 2021 was a year of unprecedented growth, unmatched spirit and unrelenting passion for Adsparkx. The dreams and goals of Vipul and Nipun are a year closer to fruition and as Adsparkx welcomes more members to its ever growing family, here’s to powering through 2022, breaking even more benchmarks and setting more milestones.


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